Come as you are.
I  don't expect anything. 
It is your story. 
Let's tell it together. 

I can see a story

in your smile

I sense connections in the way you look at each other
I know you are going to ask for a glass of water a split second
before you actually do
I look for stories
I do not make them up
I find them in your wrinkles



Wedding package


wedding package I


Full pack of memories, full range of emotion. 
You get two things - a 25 min long film full of little stories of you, your family and your friends, capturing the atmosphere of your big day - plus a short clip of the wedding highlights.

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wedding package II


The most beautiful parts of your wedding day, memories that you (and your kids, and their kids) will want to watch over and over.

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wedding package III

ONE EYE clip

Can you capture everything with a single camera?
Not really, not even with three or more of them.
What I can do though, is tell you the story of your wedding day the way I saw you through my lens. 

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Family package

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FAMILY package I

A Year In Life

I will visit you 4 times in a year to capture the ordinary moments in the life of your family. How you play, a morning on a school day, a trip you take together. The way you read and dance and just the way you are. 

Time flies. Keep the special memories of a happy childhood. 


FAMILY package II


Let yourself see the smiles and sparkles in the eyes of your loved ones. Let yourself be reminded of the sound of their voices.
Let me show you the gift of life that you are living. 


FAMILY package III

love message

If you could take a trip back to your childhood, would you? To hear the voices of your parents when they were young, telling you how much joy you bring to their lives?
You can do this for your own kids. Tell them what they mean to you, how much you love them. 

Brand package

Films for web & social media

brand film

There is a story behind every brand. 
The story of the person who has created it. 
Full of beauty and truth. 
It is your story. 
Let’s tell it together.

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You might not feel comfortable in front of a camera, and to be honest, neither do I when I’m on that side of the lense.

But I will spend some time with you before we go shooting to make you comfortable in my presence.

And it is 100 % my job to help you ease up and relax. 

Yes, I do and I love it.

In my world, travel equals adventure.

No matter where you are in the world, I can come over to capture your story.

Yes & No. 

For the most part, I work by myself.

But when more cameras are needed, I invite some of my wonderful colleagues to work with me. 

Spontaneously , intuitively.

I watch and observe, I wait for the special moments to occur by themselves.

And they always do. 

You can either write me an e-mail at or give me a call at +420 737 575 252.

Once we sign a contract, I put your name on my calendar and nobody can take your spot.